Welcome to, with all kinds of information about the theremin. The theremin is the oldest electronic musical instrument that is still being played, and the only one that is played without touching.
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The Theremin: The short story.

The theremin is the strangest music instrument you will ever see or hear. It is played completely without touching it. Imagine standing in front of a theremin and stretch out your hands towards the antennas. Even without touching them, you are in contact with the electronic circuit in the box. Moving around the upwards pointing antenna alters the pitch, while moving around the round antenna on the side alters the volume.

Moving close to the pitch antenna produces high tones, while further away there are low tones. When far away from the volume antenna, the sound is the loudest, while moving in closer makes it softer until it is silent when very close.

Now imagine making big movements around the antennas. The pitch will go up and down in big gliding tones (glissandi) from very high to very low. Or imagine standing very still, hands outstretched in a fixed position. You now play one single note. Then make a very small movement, towards or away from the pitch antenna, and hold steady again. Now a different note is heard. By continuing making small movements, you jump from note to note, and you are playing a melody. This melody can be a tune you already know, or something you come up with on the spot. It can also be a melody written down in notes, just like with other musical instruments. The only thing here however, is that first you have to find out where the position for the first note is. And after that, where the next notes are. There are no fixed locations for the notes. No 'middle-C' as with a keyboard, with all the keys triggering a specific pitch, or finger positions as with a wind or string instrument. The only way to play the theremin is by listening very carefully to what the result of your movement is.

To learn more about the theremin, the man who invented it and the people who play it, click on "The Theremin: The Long Story". (under construction)

Theremin Teacher registry

Have you just started to play the theremin, or wish to do so, and you need help? There may be a teacher near you. Please check out this page for a list of theremin teachers. Some give online lessons and workshops as well.

Are you a theremin teacher and wish to be added to the list? Please send me an email.

Theremin music

Do you wish to hear more theremin music. Follow this link for a list of artists, links to their websites and information of where to hear and buy their music. Please do support the artists and buy their music!

Are you a theremin player with music to sell and/or share and wish to be added to the list? Please send me an email.

The shop

Do you wish to purchase a theremin? Check out our shop @ Here you can buy the theremins by Moog Music like the Etherwave and the Claravox, and the ESPE01 (Etherwave Standard and Plus) and EPVM1345 (Etherwave Pro) modules, developed by Thierry Frenkel. I am especially proud on the custom Etherwave theremins. Check out the images at the Ethermagic Facebook page: here

Ethermagic is based in the Netherlands and ships worldwide!

Are you a developer/builder/company, making theremins or other electronic musical instruments and you want to sell your instruments in the Ethermagic shop? Please send me an email.

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